How long does your filter last?
The main filter is designed to operate for 24 months continuously in most health care environments without any significant degradation in performance.

Does the unit need to be serviced?
In line with current policy and with an eye to HTM 03 we certificate each unit for 12 months with the client having a maximum time between services of 15 months to allow for problems with access etc.

If it runs 24 hours a day isn’t that expensive?

The units use a similar amount of electricity as a 100w electric light bulb. Each module doubles this but compared to conventional approaches Airsentry® is considerably cheaper.

What areas can use Airsentry®?
We have experience of the system being used in Oncology, Neutropenic and H.I.V, I.T.U / I.C.U, P.I.C.U, OR Utility, Small OR, Burns, Imaging, Isolation and as a life extension system for failing OR areas where the existing system is supplemented.

Does the system kill bugs?
No. The air flow and drying process affects them within the filter membrane where they are safely trapped. This is common to all H.E.P.A systems and is a well accepted approach to air quality maintenance and control.

Why EN14644?
This is the clean room standard for filtration. Each filter comes individually tested and certificated to the clean room standard. The lower standard is EN1822 which is utilised by the majority of other suppliers. En1822 is a manufacturers standard where the filtration media is bulk tested prior to filter assembly. This means that if any damage occurs during assembly it will be passed on to the finished filter. EN14644 physically tests the finished filter and does not rely upon bulk testing. It is much more time intensive and therefore costly but it assures the end client that each filter is assured to be working as stated. Each filter change we then check this onsite to ensure that the final system is operating 100% to our parameters.