The Airsentry system commenced with a simple wall mounted unit, a little larger than an older microwave oven. A single unit is capable of maintaining an HBN57 compliant ITU room as Ultra clean. The system operates by using our purpose designed EN14644 compliant five stage filtration system. This is unique to our system and the only EN14644 compliant system currently on the market.

Systems were first installed in 2009, after robust testing by the NHS at their Leeds facility.

We have clients who have reported zero H.A.I since installation, over the last decade.

The system then evolved due to requests for negative and positive pressure. Today it is a simple mater to have the units configured on a bespoke basis to meet individual requirements. It is possible to have both positive and negative pressure available with the core system, however, experience to date has shown most clients opt for either.

The system has found application in many areas where ultra clean air is beneficial. Once deployed an area will become ultra clean within 30 minutes of operating, with regard to its air quality.